Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where your family and friends gather to eat, talk and laugh, and to share many of life’s precious moments. It’s a place of originality, a place where you’re free to create not only with food but also with your surroundings. It’s where you express your unique approach to life. Whether you’re rushing through breakfast, lingering over lunch, preparing a quick cuppa, or embarking on a new and exciting culinary adventure, your kitchen and everything in it must support your needs and make life a joy.

Willy Mia Fred Cooking Spoon

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Children's Kitchenware

A great range of children&rsquo,s cutlery for pirates and princesses and a great history with three main characters: Willy, Mia, Fred. Three friends, make up the daily life and the world of experience around WMF cooking, eating and drinking.