Bathroom Renovation Vaucluse

Misconceptions / Mistakes You Should Avoid During a Bathroom Renovation + Expert Tip

At Taste Living, we get to talk to a lot of homeowners, tradesmen, designers, renovation experts, architects, the lot and we get a lot of feedback from the professionals and people who are looking to renovate, have renovated or are wanting to learn about renovations and design. Below is a short list of the three biggest mistakes/misconceptions people face during this process and three very important points you should be aware of if you’re thinking of renovating.

  1. Budget is a major factor in a bathroom renovation and well-intentioned homeowners may believe it would be cheaper to DIY. Unfortunately, using amateurs or DIY have sometimes proven to be costlier than using the professionals. It is definitely more time-consuming and these days, time is STILL money.
  2. Make sure you are clear on the work being undertaken and the costs that are involved. Be realistic – your expectations compared to your budget. Contracts and a scope of works are essential to ensure you are getting what you signed up for, building codes are being met and home warranty is assured. Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples and not apples to raspberries. Getting it right the first time is everyone’s desired result during a bathroom renovation, having to re-do any work cuts into your budget. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of bathroom products too.
  3. ‘My relative/friend is a builder, he can do it for me cheap and quick’ – recipe for disaster and is usually a bad idea. Firstly, you are not their priority because they are doing it ‘cheap and quick’ and unless they know how to waterproof, tile, safely install your electricals and rip out and rectify any damage from the existing bathroom, oh, and can also take on the role of a plumber, so they can install your toilets, taps, showers etc…then you’ll be at the mercy of additional tradesmen. Secondly, it is NEVER fast. Something as important as a bathroom renovation needs to be taken seriously and a timeline is essential. Plumbers and electricians are expensive and mistakes can be even more expensive, so don’t rush. A project manager is important when there are so many different trades involved – at Taste Living, we provide a Project Manager for free, from start to completion. Let’s not forget the free design service too. We supply the bathroom furniture and accessories through our extensive range of products, so more savings are passed onto you. Contact us here for a renovation enquiry.

Expert tips: Leave the decorating for later and focus on function initially. Don’t waste time thinking of colour schemes or furniture designs before you have chosen your layout. If you’re moving plumbing around, make sure it satisfies building codes and minimal spacing guidelines but also be certain that the placement of fixtures are practical and convenient for everyday use. Once that’s all completed, let’s have fun with the aesthetics.