Money Savings Tips for Your Bathroom Renovation

Not all renovations have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are many cost-saving alternatives you can try, especially when doing a small room such as a bathroom.

Paint It

It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do to change a room. In a bathroom, don’t just paint the walls. Look at the room and see what else a change of colour could transform. Vanities are a perfect example. Wood and even various modes of plastic can be painted as long as you sand and prime the surface properly. Opt for mould and water resistant paints and the sky’s the limit on colour choices. A white vanity can make a nice clean start to a bathroom once heavy with a grainy, dark wood.


Once you’ve painted, or even if you don’t, refreshing the accessories in your bathroom will make a huge impact. From a new shower curtain to coloured towels, you can create a new room with a small but impactful investment.


Take a look at your tap and the handles on your vanities and cupboards. Humdrum or plain out-dated hardware can be changed up for a whole new look. When combined with new accessories and a coat of paint you’re on your way to a complete transformation.


Modern, contemporary vanity lights can also add a new dynamic to a stale bathroom. Consider adding wall sconces, and if you can’t afford a change to the electrical, buy some pretty candle sconces that you can light when relaxing in a hot tub.


Many bathrooms have an unframed mirror above the vanity. You can create your own frame with a quick visit to your local home reno shop. Purchase some wood or MDF moulding from smooth uncarved framing to more ornate selections. You can then create your own frame and install it for a finished look. If there is already a frame, consider painting it black for some drama, or white to soften the look.