Top Trends in Bathroom Design That Last

Here are some bathroom trends to help you design a bathroom that will not only look new today, but last well into the future:


Space will always be in style. Even the smallest bathroom can create the illusion of space. Think mirrors and glass to begin the illusion and look at the most effective storage solutions to keep things neat.


Wood grain and stone offer great texture and interest, but mosaics can add an even more unique addition to your bathroom design. Don’t go outrageous in colour. Instead look to the more simplistic touches you can introduce through glass, neutral stones and even steel finished tiles.


Simplicity will keep your vanity looking contemporary even ten years from now. Trends towards floating wall-mounted vanities add that spacious feeling that will never go out of style, however in a smaller bathroom this can lead to storage issues. Above counter vessel bowls are popular and going for simplistic glass mounted on stone will maintain a spa-like feeling with a modern streamlined edge.


Toilets are both the most important and most unattractive bathroom feature. Modern design has brought toilets into a whole new realm and wall mounted toilets are at the head of the design trend. Because this design works well at hiding pipes and opening up space, design is sure to continue down this path for many years to come.


The key to colour in a bathroom is to go neutral or white and depend on accents that are easily replaced such as towels to add drama and pop. Switch them up with the trend or your mood.


Simplicity reigns supreme for tub design as well. Some timeless looks include smooth, rounded tubs as well as variations on the traditional claw footed tub updated with smoother lines and less detail.