Top Trends in Bathroom Design That Last

Here are some bathroom trends to help you design a bathroom that…
07/10/2014/by Taste Living
Bathroom Renovation Vaucluse

Misconceptions / Mistakes You Should Avoid During a Bathroom Renovation + Expert Tip

At Taste Living, we get to talk to a lot of homeowners, tradesmen,…
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Getting the Most Out of Your Small Bathroom

Renovating a small bathroom can certainly prove challenging.…
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Timber Flooring

Walk the Walk: Ludwig Strebel’s 4 tips for selecting the perfect flooring

As Hamberger Flooring's export manager, Ludwig Strebel helps…
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Renovation Tips

Taste Living offers exclusive European products and stylish solutions…
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Money Savings Tips for Your Bathroom Renovation

Not all renovations have to cost you an arm and a leg. There…
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Which Sydney Suburbs Are Spending The Most On Renovations?

Sydney's lower north shore is at the forefront of a renovation…
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Kill the Clutter: 5 Kitchen Storage Trends

Kitchens are at the forefront of interior design & they're…
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Timber Flooring

Flooring Tips

The best way to lay your flooring is to lay it prior to fitting…
07/10/2014/by Taste Living

Pretty Laundry Rooms to Lessen the Load

Nothing can be more uninspiring than a massive pile of laundry.

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Peace or Pizazz… Taste Makes Bathroom Renovation in Sydney a Breeze

Can’t seem to find the perfect look for your bathroom renovation?…
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Home Renovation Ideas to Stretch Your Budget

If you’ve decided to renovate your home, why not consider some…
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