Misconceptions / Mistakes You Should Avoid During a Bathroom Renovation + Expert Tip

At Taste Living, we get to talk to a lot of homeowners, tradesmen, designers, renovation experts, architects, the lot and we get a lot of feedback from the professionals and people who are looking to renovate, have renovated or are wanting to learn about renovations and design. Below is a short list of the three biggest mistakes/misconceptions people face during this process and three very important points you should be aware of if you’re thinking of renovating.

  1. Budget is a major factor in a bathroom renovation and well-intentioned homeowners may believe it would be cheaper to DIY. Unfortunately, using amateurs or DIY have sometimes proven to be costlier than using the professionals. It is definitely more time-consuming and these days, time is STILL money.
  2. Make sure you are clear on the work being undertaken and the costs that are involved. Be realistic – your expectations compared to your budget. Contracts and a scope of works are essential to ensure you are getting what you signed up for, building codes are being met and home warranty is assured. Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples and not apples to raspberries. Getting it right the first time is everyone’s desired result during a bathroom renovation, having to re-do any work cuts into your budget. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of bathroom products too.
  3. ‘My relative/friend is a builder, he can do it for me cheap and quick’ – recipe for disaster and is usually a bad idea. Firstly, you are not their priority because they are doing it ‘cheap and quick’ and unless they know how to waterproof, tile, safely install your electricals and rip out and rectify any damage from the existing bathroom, oh, and can also take on the role of a plumber, so they can install your toilets, taps, showers etc…then you’ll be at the mercy of additional tradesmen. Secondly, it is NEVER fast. Something as important as a bathroom renovation needs to be taken seriously and a timeline is essential. Plumbers and electricians are expensive and mistakes can be even more expensive, so don’t rush. A project manager is important when there are so many different trades involved – at Taste Living, we provide a Project Manager for free, from start to completion. Let’s not forget the free design service too. We supply the bathroom furniture and accessories through our extensive range of products, so more savings are passed onto you. Contact us here for a renovation enquiry.

Expert tips: Leave the decorating for later and focus on function initially. Don’t waste time thinking of colour schemes or furniture designs before you have chosen your layout. If you’re moving plumbing around, make sure it satisfies building codes and minimal spacing guidelines but also be certain that the placement of fixtures are practical and convenient for everyday use. Once that’s all completed, let’s have fun with the aesthetics.

Getting the Most Out of Your Small Bathroom

Renovating a small bathroom can certainly prove challenging. A full bathroom requires a bath, shower and sink to be completely functional, yet space is not readily available to provide for these details. Here are some basic design and floor planning strategies you can use to get the most out of your small bathroom.

Bath vs Shower

If you do not need a bathtub, you can opt to install a spacious shower stall instead. The benefits of a shower are that you can use the space more wisely, add some luxurious spray options and choose a stunning design. Glass panels and shower doors keep the space airy. The down side is that if it is your only bathroom you may eventually miss having the option of a good soak, or worse, when you sell, buyers may be disappointed the bathroom is sans tub.

Glass and Mirrors

Much like smoke and mirrors help create illusions, glass and mirrors can work wonders in a small bathroom. Opt for airy vanity choices with top mounted sinks of clear glass, glass walls in shower and baths and plenty of mirrors to reflect space and light back into the room.

Storage and Vanities

Although you may think a pedestal sink brings airiness to a small space, they don’t have any storage, a must have for small bathrooms. Vanities with plenty of storage will keep things well hidden, as clutter is the number one enemy of a small space. Look for above toilet storage options as well to display towels and store items like cotton balls and pretty soaps. Wall-mounted toilets also may have enough space below to place a basket for toilet paper or cleaning supplies.

Unity and Harmony

Choosing like colours, woods and tiles will create a sense of unity; relaxing the eye and making the smaller space feel more open. Although choosing a darker wood or backsplash in the sink area, combined with light walls will also open the space up, you should keep the colours in the same tone to allow for openness but avoid clashing.

Money Savings Tips for Your Bathroom Renovation

Not all renovations have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are many cost-saving alternatives you can try, especially when doing a small room such as a bathroom.

Paint It

It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do to change a room. In a bathroom, don’t just paint the walls. Look at the room and see what else a change of colour could transform. Vanities are a perfect example. Wood and even various modes of plastic can be painted as long as you sand and prime the surface properly. Opt for mould and water resistant paints and the sky’s the limit on colour choices. A white vanity can make a nice clean start to a bathroom once heavy with a grainy, dark wood.


Once you’ve painted, or even if you don’t, refreshing the accessories in your bathroom will make a huge impact. From a new shower curtain to coloured towels, you can create a new room with a small but impactful investment.


Take a look at your tap and the handles on your vanities and cupboards. Humdrum or plain out-dated hardware can be changed up for a whole new look. When combined with new accessories and a coat of paint you’re on your way to a complete transformation.


Modern, contemporary vanity lights can also add a new dynamic to a stale bathroom. Consider adding wall sconces, and if you can’t afford a change to the electrical, buy some pretty candle sconces that you can light when relaxing in a hot tub.


Many bathrooms have an unframed mirror above the vanity. You can create your own frame with a quick visit to your local home reno shop. Purchase some wood or MDF moulding from smooth uncarved framing to more ornate selections. You can then create your own frame and install it for a finished look. If there is already a frame, consider painting it black for some drama, or white to soften the look.

Top Trends in Bathroom Design That Last

Here are some bathroom trends to help you design a bathroom that will not only look new today, but last well into the future:


Space will always be in style. Even the smallest bathroom can create the illusion of space. Think mirrors and glass to begin the illusion and look at the most effective storage solutions to keep things neat.


Wood grain and stone offer great texture and interest, but mosaics can add an even more unique addition to your bathroom design. Don’t go outrageous in colour. Instead look to the more simplistic touches you can introduce through glass, neutral stones and even steel finished tiles.


Simplicity will keep your vanity looking contemporary even ten years from now. Trends towards floating wall-mounted vanities add that spacious feeling that will never go out of style, however in a smaller bathroom this can lead to storage issues. Above counter vessel bowls are popular and going for simplistic glass mounted on stone will maintain a spa-like feeling with a modern streamlined edge.


Toilets are both the most important and most unattractive bathroom feature. Modern design has brought toilets into a whole new realm and wall mounted toilets are at the head of the design trend. Because this design works well at hiding pipes and opening up space, design is sure to continue down this path for many years to come.


The key to colour in a bathroom is to go neutral or white and depend on accents that are easily replaced such as towels to add drama and pop. Switch them up with the trend or your mood.


Simplicity reigns supreme for tub design as well. Some timeless looks include smooth, rounded tubs as well as variations on the traditional claw footed tub updated with smoother lines and less detail.

Peace or Pizazz… Taste Makes Bathroom Renovation in Sydney a Breeze

Can’t seem to find the perfect look for your bathroom renovation? The Taste design team knows just how you feel.

That’s why we have on-staff bathroom décor experts to help guide you through the renovation process. Whether you prefer a classic feel or you want the state-of-the-art products you’ll find everything you need at Taste.

Taste invites you to seek refuge from your chaotic daily life and relax in your new, soothing bathtub. Free yourself from your old, outdated bathroom and let the pulsating jets of steaming water massage the tension from your neck and back as you and indulge in your new sleek and elegant surroundings.

You won’t need to disrupt your lifestyle with dust, debris, and the constant flow of construction workers to make this happen. At Taste, we believe that you should be able to maintain the peace and tranquility of your home with a clean, quick and unobtrusive bathroom renovation in Sydney. We are efficient experts who will help renovate your bathroom quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption to your life.

A Bathroom renovation is a great way to increase your property’s value, as well as improving your quality of life.

With so many choices and so much to consider, the process of a bathroom renovation can seem daunting. What cabinets should you choose? Do they match the floor? Which model of faucet, fixtures, vanity, shower and toilet will work best for you? It can all seem so overwhelming. This doesn’t have to be the case. At Taste, we can quickly guide you to amenities that fit your lifestyle, your pocketbook and your sense of décor.

Once you have found the best Sydney bathroom renovation company, the choice of a new bath tub will likely top your list. You can finally get rid of that ancient, uncomfortable tub and replace it with something luxurious that is made for enjoyment and relaxation.

Next you will probably want to choose a new vanity, sink and faucet. Replacing these is essential to updating the feel of your new bathroom. Taste has a variety of products, styles and colours to choose from to let your personal style show, so that the bathroom reflects who you are. The material you choose, and the shape of the cabinetry and their fixtures, will determine the overall appearance. Whatever the look you hope to achieve, when choosing a faucet we encourage you to choose long-lasting materials such as nickel or chrome plated brass and stainless steel.

So, if you live in or around Sydney and are interested in bathroom renovation, stop in and talk with the experts at Taste. Taste houses European made products and have a variety of options to choose from that are inspired by world class designers.