Kill the Clutter: 5 Kitchen Storage Trends

Kitchens are at the forefront of interior design & they’re often the first space to pick up on home trends & changes in lifestyle. It seems though, that we’re always running out of storage – or at least, the right kind (can we really ever have enough?). Here are some of the key storage trends going on in kitchen renovations right now. It’s time to reclaim our kitchens!

Get Organised for Recycling

The need for storage solutions for the modern kitchen is rapidly increasing in line with the popularity of kitchen gadgets & waste recycling trends. All responsible home owners are now focused on recycling & package separating, which places additional demands on kitchen storage space. Under-sink recycling areas help organise recycling & help towards that clean, uncluttered kitchen feel of a kitchen, whilst at the same time minimising the impact on the environment.

Use Super-Smart Shelving

Currently, curved kitchens are proving popular – wide, seamless worktops that flow with the contour of your kitchen. Traditional corner cabinets don’t work in this environment as curves makes them deeper than practical, however, with the addition of swing-out shelves or racks, cabinets can fully utilise all storage space, without pots & pans getting lost deep inside the cabinet.

Employ Spaces Under Islands

Inside benches not only provide extra work space & a convenient place for casual meals; they also facilitate extra storage under the work surfaces. Kitchen islands are the ideal place for tailor-made crockery drawers where plates can be functionally organised & beautifully presented.

Streamline Drawer Space

Ready-made or custom drawer organisers are ideal for neatly managing all kinds of things in the kitchen, and the most organised kitchens save loads of space by utilising every drawer in this way. So effective is this approach to storage, the number of drawers in the average kitchen has increased three fold in the past decade as more people opt for drawers for easy storage & convenience. The best drawer organisers will be geared towards your cooking & lifestyle preferences as this puts everything within easy reach. Today, drawers can be custom organised for everything from utensils to herbs, to glassware, cookware, crockery & more.

Use Space-Saving Doors

Wall & bench top-mounted storage units have also seen a breakthrough in design in recent years with the addition of sliding doors. These doors don’t affect storage space side the cupboards, but they do minimise the space profile of the door & its impact on the free areas of the kitchen, which is important, especially in small kitchens where bench space is vital.